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My name is Lilianna Wysocki. I am a trained hair & makeup stylist and certified pigmenter. When it comes to my daily work, your well-being is especially close to my heart. From many years of professional experience, I know how much happiness with one’s appearance determines people’s quality of life. Being able to support you in achieving this goal is therefore a special pleasure for me.


Since 2011, I’ve been working as a hair & make-up stylist, and since 2017 in the field of permanent make-up. I completed the training as a pigmenter in Switzerland and Austria with the company Swiss Color. Since then, I have continuously educated myself in the field of permanent makeup. In addition, I gained valuable experience during an internship at the breast cancer foundation “Fundación Fempo” in Santiago de Chile, which is incorporated into my work.


Training and many years of practice have trained my eye for aesthetics and symmetry. In doing so, I always follow the motto “less is more”. I focus on bringing out highlights and underlining one’s personality instead of painting over it. The goal is always a natural aesthetic result that allows you to feel comfortable in your skin.


I place special emphasis on individual consultation and top quality products. The color pigments I use are free of harmful dyes, heavy metals and allergens. And of course, they are subject to constant quality control.


Looking forward to seeing you!

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Permanent Make-up I Face

Do you love expressive eyes and sensual lips, but you have better things to do than to stand in front of the mirror for ages and put on make-up? Would you like to give the natural beauty of your eyes and mouth a little help? Permanent make-up offers long-lasting natural solutions for every type.

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Areola - Nipple Pigmentation

A beautiful bust is a hallmark of femininity. No wonder many women lose self-confidence after breast surgery. Thanks to medical pigmentation, areolas can be imitated. For a naturally beautiful appearance and newfound self-confidence.

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Vitiligo & Scars

Scars or annoying pigmentation disorders reduce your well-being? Microneedling awakens the skin’s self-healing powers and thus reduces scars in a natural way. Pigmentation disorders caused by vitiligo can be discreetly concealed with the new derma pigments, individually tailored to you – because your skin is just as unique as you are.

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Scalp pigmentation

Do you suffer from thinning hair or hair loss? Hair vitalization can provide long-term relief. Ideal in combination with a scalp pigmentation, which brings immediately visible results. So that you like what you see in the mirror again.


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