Permanent Make-up


Nothing is more captivating than expressive, beautiful eyes. No wonder so many women desire thicker eyelashes to emphasize their eyes with eyeliner. Permanent make-up provides a perpetual solution and ensures long-lasting magical moments.

Lash line thickening conceals small gaps and irregularities so that the lashes appear thicker. Particularly with very light lashes, eyelash thickening visibly provides the eyes with more contour. A fine line is pigmented directly in the lash line of the upper or lower eyelid, which ensures expressive eyes and opens the gaze.

When pigmenting a classic eyeliner, this fine line is supplemented by a broader line above the lash line. This can be further intensified by an extension at the outer edge of the lashes with a tapered line end (a so-called “wing”).

Of course, permanent eyeliner can be combined with additional conventional makeup as desired and styled into dramatic evening makeup as needed.

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Frequent questions and answers:

Is the treatment painful?

The sensitivity to pain varies greatly from person to person and depends on age as well as skin type. As a rule, the sensitivity of the skin decreases with age. During their period, women can be more sensitive to pain.

How long does a treatment take?

In addition to the pigmentation itself, the first treatment includes an intensive consultation and marking. Please plan for 1.5 – 2 hours.

Post-treatment takes about 1 – 1.5 hrs.

How many treatments are necessary?

As a rule, we recommend 2 sessions. The interval between treatments is between 4-6 weeks.

How long does the result last?

The color pigments last for about 6-8 years, during which time the color can slowly fade.

Definitive time specifications in terms of how long the treatment lasts are not possible.

This is influenced by many factors that are individual to each person. These include skin condition, metabolism, habits such as regular visits to saunas and solariums, extensive sunbathing or sweat-causing sports, and peelings.

To maintain a perfect color result, refreshing after 1-2 years is recommended.

How much does eyeliner pigmentation cost?

Lash line thickening
incl. consultation and a follow-up treatment after 4-6 weeks:

Upper or lower eyelid:   € 300.00

Refresher (one session) after 12 months:   € 170.00
Refresher (one session) after 24 months:   € 240.00

Upper and lower eyelid:   € 480.00

Refresher (one session) after 12 months:   € 250.00
Refresher (one session) after 24 months:   € 350.00

Eyeliner decorative
incl. consultation and a follow-up treatment after 4-6 weeks:   € 350.00

Refresher (one session) after 12 months:   € 190.00
Refresher (one session) after 24 months:   € 280.00

What should be considered before pigmentation?

You should be of legal age and healthy at the time of treatment and should not have consumed alcohol, drugs or stimulants. Coffee should be avoided 2 hours before the treatment.

Taking medications such as aspirin or other blood thinners (e.g. Arnica globules) should be avoided on the day of treatment.

In the case of injections (e.g. Botox), a time interval of at least 2 weeks should be observed, with pigmentation taking place first.


If any of the following apply, please consult your doctor beforehand:


Are you HIV-infected, diabetic, hemophiliac, cancer patient or allergic? Do you use laser/chemical peels? Do you use a Retin A/peel treatment? Are you pregnant or currently breastfeeding? Do you have a pacemaker? Do you suffer from acute herpes simplex (cold sores), skin irritations/skin disorders, immune deficiency or autoimmune diseases?

What should be observed after pigmentation?

In the first 2-3 days after pigmentation, water contact with the areas that are still healing should be avoided. If you wear make-up in everyday life, please clean your skin so that the eyebrow area is left out.

1-2 weeks after the treatment you should avoid direct sun and solarium. Also, sauna, swimming pool or sweat-causing sports as well as sports (dance) that involve jumping are taboo. Otherwise, there is a risk that the eyelid line will become wavy.